Bowhunting elk, up close

Very close elk encounter

  • By - Steve C.
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  • Posted - Dec 02, 2008
  • Location - Co
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240 South First Street
Dixon, California, 95620
phone - 877-748-5264
Sitka Gear has a simple goal: to introduce to the hunting industry a system of clothing that incorporates the latest high-performance fabrics with a mountaineering design philosophy. Based on the concept of layering, Sitka Gear Clothing will stand up to some of the most extreme conditions for some of the most extreme bowhunters!

Barry Wensel gives you 8 tips as you start hanging those stands in preparation for the 2014 Fall Season! 8 TREESTAND DETAILS - BY BARRY WENSEL

Without a doubt, the best plots are the smallest and deepest from civilization. That creates challenges. Kent shows you how to build them. DEERBUILDER: DEEP WOODS FOOD PLOTS

Pope and Young Club

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When we were Black Bear Hunting in Montana we walked up on a Ruffed Grouse on his drumming log. You can hear him for miles it felt like. 

***For best sound wear head phones***
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During early December of 2014, our friend James was able to put down a great whitetail deer in the state of Kansas. We only had one weekend to get it done!
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Nate Zelinsky, owner of Tightline Outdoors and houndsman Dean Hendrickson take you on a Mt. Lion hunt in Colorado.
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Here's a sample from Beyond Adrenaline Which you can purchase above. It's the clip entitled World's Greatest Tracker of my 6 year old Son Matt.  Hysterical!
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Very close elk encounter
Bowhunting elk, up close
Dec 02, 2008
Views: 20354
By: Steve C.
Bow hunter has a cow Moose in his lap.
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This is one of many bulls that came into the same wallow where the elk calf and siblings were playing.
Bull elk at the same wallow
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