Bowhunting elk, up close

Very close elk encounter

  • By - Steve C.
  • Views - 21246
  • Posted - Dec 02, 2008
  • Location - Co
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461-B Jetway Dr
Belgrade, Montana, 59714
phone - 406-388-9060
Black Gold sights have been leading the pack with innovative bow sights for years. Their RedzoneHD and other 2010 models feature their patented FlashPoint Photochromatic shell, incredible pin brightness and micro-adjustable inch wheel technology. See why Black Gold is rated the top sight for bowhunters!

We're in Kansas for the rut - just as the weather turns perfect. A new update each day until 11/14. LIVE KANSAS BOWHUNT

We tested out the Kwik Hoist by Viking Solutions - a solo-unit that makes hoisting your deer a cinch! REVIEW OF THE KWIK HOIST, BY VIKING SOLUTIONS

Pope and Young Club

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it seems to work for me.
left collar bone fractured 3 places back in late may of 2014. Still in pain with any type of muscular tension in th area.  This way seems to allow ability to get to anchor without much stress in the area.
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Here is a quick look at our 2014 Montana Elk Hunt. Stay tuned for the full video!
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Here's a sample from Beyond Adrenaline Which you can purchase above. It's the clip entitled World's Greatest Tracker of my 6 year old Son Matt.  Hysterical!
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Very close elk encounter
Bowhunting elk, up close
Dec 02, 2008
Views: 21245
By: Steve C.
I was lucky enough to draw a Nonresident Archery Moose tag in VT this year.

I chose to hunt in Southern VT ...
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Bow hunter has a cow Moose in his lap.
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