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2010 Promo video

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26055 Jersey Ave
Mt. Sterling, Iowa, 52573
phone - (319) 293-7788
Hunt the low pressured, rut crazed whitetails of the mid-west. Trophy deer hunts available in Southeast Iowa and Northeast Missouri.

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Shows how my release works for traditional archery
Rogers release
Jan 23, 2016
Views: 348
By: Wingshooter
Watch as we travel from Wisconsin to Minnesota during prime rut to chase big whitetails!
Minnesota Halloween Buck
Jan 19, 2016
Views: 884
By: wibowhunter
Nice buck for Western NY at a scrape in 2014.
Buck at Scrape 2
Jan 18, 2016
Views: 1074
By: Buckstopshere
Buck just prior to the rut peak in 2013 enjoying the zip-tied overhanging branch over a scrape.
Midday 8 pt.
Jan 18, 2016
Views: 480
By: Buckstopshere
A short 3 shot video of him trying out my new takedown.
A buddy trying out my new Takedown
Jan 18, 2016
Views: 313
By: Mo0se
David shoots a mature doe at 23 yards on the last day of the season
U.P. 2015 season kill 2
Jan 10, 2016
Views: 309
By: bowbrosoutdoors
bear video from my bait site
bear 2015
Jan 10, 2016
Views: 100
By: griffedours
Some bears that my trails cameras catch in spring 2015
bears video trails cameras 2015
Jan 08, 2016
Views: 427
By: griffedours

highest rated

Nate Zelinsky, owner of Tightline Outdoors and houndsman Dean Hendrickson take you on a Mt. Lion hunt in Colorado.
Mt. Lion Hunt - Colorado
Dec 25, 2009
Views: 17961
By: FullCryHounds
Here's a sample from Beyond Adrenaline Which you can purchase above. It's the clip entitled World's Greatest Tracker of my 6 year old Son Matt.  Hysterical!
World's Greatest Tracker
Apr 12, 2008
Views: 25491
By: Pat Lefemine
Very close elk encounter
Bowhunting elk, up close
Dec 02, 2008
Views: 25374
By: Steve C.
Bow hunter has a cow Moose in his lap.
Close Encounter
Dec 18, 2008
Views: 25400
By: Tom I.
Do you know what to do if you fall out of a treestand? This video will show you how.
This will save your Life
Oct 25, 2009
Views: 19430
By: Pat Lefemine
A collection of videos of Mt. Lions feeding.
Mt. Lion Feeding Videos
Nov 02, 2009
Views: 14006
By: FullCryHounds
Charlie Rehor shoots a big Newfoundland moose after his guide Deon calls it in.
Charlie shoots a big Newfy Moose!
Sep 11, 2010
Views: 10210
By: Pat Lefemine
Captain Kirk doing gun control on.....
Conservative gun control
Oct 22, 2008
Views: 59526
By: Rhody